Why Rasatva?

We created Rasatva for you to have the best of both worlds- taste and nutrition, with ingredients sourced directly from native origins, lovingly crafted into wholesome products. No more worrying about purity, variety, and time-efficient meal preparation. Use Rasatva. Transform your daily meals!

We have these all


Packed with the ‘ras’ of masalas, our seasonings have great taste as well as natural benefits. These can be used while cooking or sprinkled as a seasoning to enhance the taste of the dish.

Good Foods

Food that keeps us healthy and feeling good. Made of indigenous whole grains grown in native origins, they are simple and delicious with 100% natural ingredients. The perfect natural alternative to processed food.


100% natural and sourced from the native origins, we ensure that our spices preserve their flavour, potency, fragrance and natural benefits, right from the growing to the grinding, blending and packing. Prepared and packed against orders.


Service Matters


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