Business Opportunities

We would love to partner with you and grow together, with opportunities for you to represent us in the Domestic Markets and Internationally.

We offer representation to all sizes of organizations, as well as Work-from-home options for individuals (with preference to Women Entrepreneurs). Certain representations do not even require you to have your infrastructure, so if you want to start small, you are at the right place.

Share a few details of yourself here and we’ll assist you to come on board with us as a Business Partner.

Options for collaborating with us:

Ø  Individual (Representative/Influencer): If you believe in our product and can make customers buy as passionately as we do, then come aboard. It does not matter if you do not have an office/workspace. Simply procure orders from your network (friends/family/retail outlets) and punch the same online. Deliveries will be executed directly to the customer, while you earn your share. There are no requirements for storage space, investment in inventory, manpower, etc. Keep growing with us in keeping with your capacity.

Ø  Retail: You can stock our products at your Point-of-Sale (POS) or simply display our Point-of-Purchase (POP) without investing in inventory, to avoid the burden of unsold stocks, credits, returns, discounts etc. Sell directly from your outlet with the stocks you have, or do not keep any stock and simply punch orders on behalf of your customers. We will deliver directly to your customer, while you earn your share.

Ø  Distributor/Wholesaler: Represent us in different towns/cities/states as per your retail network. Even if we have an existing retailer being serviced in your area, they will automatically get added to your retail network for sales. Get into the world of selling essential items, which is in demand all through the year, without any seasonal concerns or recessions.

Ø  Channel Partner: Represent us for an area/region. All our Distributors/Wholesalers/Retailers etc. being serviced in your area will get added to your Area/Region by default. There’s more. You get to earn from all the sales we may be getting from our Representatives/Influencers as well AND ALSO from the Online Customers in your area/region.

Ø  International Representation: Avail of all the above opportunities under this representation and  more. Ask us how?

Ø  Imports: Procure our highest quality goods for your customers regularly, in keeping with the demand/supply of zones. We have custom-made solutions for you.

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