About Us

Rasatva, in ancient Vedic literature, means essence that enhances flavour and empowers the nourishing quality. Inspired by the primal Vedic knowledge, Rasatva is an endeavour to bring to you both flavour and wellness and help you take steps towards a healthful life.
Spices, blends, and greens add flavour, aroma, and a burst of natural colours to food. Each of our items is zealously curated from vetted local artisans of native origins, and farms that maintain quality control and follow the best farming practices. Coming straight from the farm, we ensure that the produce is free from preservatives and retains its natural benefits.
There is nothing like the contentment of knowing that your food is fresh. To ensure this experience for you, we freshly grind our spices and blend our seasonings in small quantities. To provide high-quality products, we have created a modernized facility for processing and packaging to preserve the freshness, purity, and innate nutritional value of the produce, under expert control. Our facility has been diligently designed to meet health and safety regulations.
You and your family deserve a wholesome and non-toxic lifestyle, and Rasatva endeavours to be your partner in this journey. Because we care.
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